Inner Peace

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

Inner peace is easy In a natural, effortless way, the TM technique allows anyone to experience the peaceful field of pure consciousness deep with the mind. This is the essence of human awareness, wide awake in its most settled, expanded state.

During the TM technique, the mental activity down spontaneously to quieter and quieter levels, until the mind transcends or goes beyond thinking to arrive at the silent, peaceful state of pure awareness. Over time, as you continue to meditate for twenty minutes twice a day, the qualities of that state—serenity, harmony, steadiness of mind—increasingly permeate your life. Research studies verify that TM practice increases calmness and decreases stress even outside of meditation.

Inner peace: a mind-body experience  Scientific research studies show that the TM technique produces a state of peace for both your mind and your body.


The physiology of inner peace: Scientists have found that the deep physiological rest gained during TM practice allows the body to dissolve deep-rooted stress and accumulated fatigue. When your nervous system is less tense, you can react more calmly and effectively to problems that may arise in daily life. Studies show that the TM technique creates a healthier response to stress, and that it reduces anxiety, depression and even symptoms of post-traumatic stress.

Research shows that during TM practice, breathing slows down, the heart rate decreases and cortisol (a major stress hormone) is significantly reduced. The TM technique produces more coherent, harmonious brain functioning: EEG brain wave research shows heightened alpha coherence—which is associated with inner silence, increased wakefulness and more holistic brain functioning.
When you experience this peaceful state of restful alertness twice a day, everyday, over time it gets stabilized in your physiology and your inner peace becomes increasingly unshakable.

Inner peace is not passive True inner peace is a stabilized state of calm, clarity and focus that allows one to be more effective and dynamic in all situations. An athlete might call it "being in the zone."

Athletes often report that they perform best when they feel comfortable inside—cool, calm and focused. To achieve such equanimity, you don't need to retreat to a forest or withdraw from daily activity. Hundreds of research studies show that this peaceful state of restful alertness grows spontaneously—in mind and body—through twice-daily TM practice.


Scientific studies

Increased inner calm:

During the TM technique, skin resistance significantly increases, indicating greater calm or peacefulness. Physiology & Behavior 35:591–595,1985. Chart

Calmer style of physiological functioning:

People practicing the TM technique show a calmer style of physiological functioning outside of meditation, in contrast to controls. American Psychologist 42:879–881,1987. Chart

Biochemistry of inner peace:

The TM technique significantly decreases plasma levels of cortisol, an endocrine response to stress, indicating reduced stress levels. Hormones and Behavior 10:54–60,1978. Chart

Inner peace outside of meditation:

TM practice is found to produce a more calm and efficient brain response to external stimuli. Biological Psychology 61:293–319,2002. Chart


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David Lynch, Filmmaker and Founder of the David Lynch Foundation for Consciousness Based Education and World Peace:

"I have been diving within through the Transcendental Meditation technique for over 30 years. It has changed my life, my world."

"Transcendental Meditation is that one simple procedure to enliven the most basic level of life and thereby raise every individual and every society to its full dignity."

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, founder of the Transcendental Meditation program